Simple Potato Salad

I made this last week- it always goes down well with the kids. I found it was a bit of a timesaver too as I cooked the potatoes in the morning so I had less to prepare in the evening.

It’s just cooked new potatoes cut into quarters, red onion diced, snipped chives(from my herb pots!), mayonnaise and seasoning. Stir it all together. I had the leftovers in a salad for lunch the next day.

Trout, Beetroot and New Potato Salad

This was just for the adults tonight as the kids are not so keen on fish!

I just used a bag of baby leaves and added baby new potatoes which I’d boiled this morning and cut in half. Sliced beetroot and spring onion. I cooked trout fillets for 15mins at 200oC and flaked them over the salad. Then I finished it off with a dressing I made with 3 tbsp creme fraiche and 4 tbsp horseradish.